Arts Council Window Mural

April 2018

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The Arts Council of Indianapolis is pleased to announce the installation of a new temporary mural on the facade of its offices on 9th and Pennsylvania Street in downtown Indianapolis.
Screen Shot 2018 05 09 at 10.34.48 AMThis new mural, created by Indianapolis artist and graphic designer Tasha Beckwith, is a portion of a digital illustration titled "Moon Sisters." Inspired by Afro-Futurism, a fantastical aesthetic that fuses cultural Afrocentricity with both science fiction and historical fiction, the mural features the portraits of two women wrapped in colorful patterns and symbols. Beckwith's love of the night sky is also front and (literally!) center in the mural with her depiction of a full, bright moon.
The mural will remain on display until Spring 2020.

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