As part of a partnership between the Indy Arts Council, Pacers Sports & Entertainment, and the Capital Improvement Board, 10 Indiana artists have been commissioned to create digitally designed murals, and 12 Indiana artists have been tapped to create original artworks, all telling key Indy, Pacers, Fieldhouse, and Indiana high school basketball stories in the newly redesigned Gainbridge Fieldhouse. 
The Pacers Team Store mural was installed in January 2022 and the artworks on the Key Bank Suites, Main Concourse, and Balcony levels will be installed later this summer. 
Meet the artists and learn about their artworks.

Main Concourse Artists

  • Tasha Beckwith

    Tasha Beckwith (Indianapolis, IN) will create a mural highlighting the Pacers-related Hall of Famers and players whose numbers have been retired. Her illustrative style and highly accurate portrait work will bring these individuals to life. 

  • WIliam Denton Ray

    William Denton Ray (Indianapolis, IN) has been tapped to tell the story of Gainbridge Fieldhouse, and the moments that take it beyond a home for basketball and into the realm of a true civic asset.  His quirky and funky, almost abstract style will convey the variety and energy of everything that happens in the facility.

  • Jingo M. de la Rosa

    Jingo M. de la Rosa (Indianapolis, IN; born and raised in the Philippines), an illustrator and graphic designer, will create a series of portraits of Pacers-related Hall of Famers and players whose numbers have been retired. He will create connections between their personalities and the game everyone knows and loves them for playing.

  • Artur Silva

    Artur Silva (South Bend, IN; born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; formerly of Indianapolis, IN) will gather the non-basketball memories and moments of Gainbridge Fieldhouse that show it to be a community contributor: the concerts, stage shows, sporting events, and spectacles that bring people together and entertain them.  Artur’s bold digital collages combine drawn, photographed, and found images into dynamic and exciting compositions.

  • Nekoda Witsken

    Nekoda Witsken (Indianapolis, IN) will highlight the spirit and thrills of high school basketball that happen at peak excitement in the Hoosier state.  Her brilliant colors, energetic forms, and dynamic sense of movement are well suited to this most meaningful of themes.


  • JD Bills

    JD Bills (Indianapolis, IN) will create a mural focusing on high school basketball’s “sixth player” – the fans, without whom the experience would not be possible. JD’s bright colors and whimsical style will interpret the world of Hoosier Hysteria from the fan perspective. 

  • Dan Handskillz

    Dan Handskillz (Indianapolis, IN) will create a long mural that highlights the Hoosier high school basketball fan experience–from the fan point of view. Dan’s street-informed style and sense of color and character will lovingly recreate the experience of the stands. 

  • Erik Lundorf

    Erik Lundorf  (Indianapolis, IN) will use his cartooning experience to create a mural highlighting the fun of being a high school basketball fan: where everyone is an individual, but the game experience is shared.  Erik’s friendly and approachable style will reveal more and more on each viewing. 

  • Kyle Ragsdale

    Kyle Ragsdale (Indianapolis, IN), a painter, will create a long mural that individualizes high school basketball players, finding commonalities across geographies and time.  His signature impressionistic style will highlight the players as part of an ongoing continuum of excellence. 

  • Kevin Smola

    Kevin Smola (Greenwood, IN) is creating a backdrop that will be the perfect selfie spot: whimsical “dingbat” drawings highlighting basketball terms and concepts common to both high school and professional play.  Kevin’s illustrations are contemporary and stylish with a universal appeal. 

Credit: Pacers Sports and Entertainment

pacers team store

Ismael Muhammad Nieves

Ismael Muhammad Nieves, aka Ish Muhammad (Hammond, IN) painted a mural in the Pacers Team Store that focuses on the fan-favorite team mascots, Boomer and Freddy Fever. Spiritu de Juego (Spirit of the Game) shows how they are the soul and energy that connects fans to players, and everyone to the city of Indianapolis, in Ish’s famed street-art style.  Learn more about Ish at

Key Bank Suites Artists

  • Derrick Carter

    Derrick Carter (Indianapolis) will tell the story of Gainbridge Fieldhouse, specifically, that the Fieldhouse is “bigger than basketball” and has always served as a place for the entire community to gather. Derrick is a mixed-media artist specializing in the unusual technique of painting with colored sand. 

  • India Cruse-Griffin

    India Cruse-Griffin (Richmond, Ind.), a collage artist, will tell the story of the Dust Bowl tournaments and the Crispus Attucks powerhouse team of the 1950s, helping to illuminate Indianapolis’ Black basketball legacy. India’s bold colors, shapes, and patterns interact with her figural style to illuminate stories of love, pride, and family. 

  • James Willie Faust

    James Wille Faust (Indianapolis) will paint a depiction of Indy’s rise as the amateur sports capital of the world. Wille’s work is well known for its brilliant color, illusionistic effects, and compact, iconic storytelling. 

  • Matthew Filer

    Matthew Filer (Indianapolis), a graphic designer, will create portraits of Pacers-related Hall of Famers and players whose numbers have been retired. Matthew’s unique style combines text and accurately drawn portraiture to highlight the character of his subjects. 

  • Mike Graves

    Mike Graves (Indianapolis) will use his signature mixed-media and collage techniques to tell the story of the Indiana Pacers’ 2000 season, a turning point in modern Pacers history.  Mike, a member of the locally-based BRIDGE Collective, combines text, image, and popular culture references in works that pack a lot into their seemingly simple designs. 

  • Becky Hochhalter

    Becky Hochhalter (Terre Haute), a muralist and narrative painter, will illustrate the moments that saved the Pacers: how, when the chips were down, the community pulled through to keep the franchise going. Becky creates large-scale dynamic public works of art in a wide range of styles, but always with an emphasis on storytelling and community connections. Her work frequently includes hidden elements, giving the artwork an interactive quality and a personal touch. 

  • Nathaniel Kyng Rhodes

    Nathaniel Kyng Rhodes (Indianapolis) will go back in time to tell the story of the Indiana Pacers’ ABA championship years. Kyng’s painted work combines saturated colors and personal imagery into graphic compositions that are as much symbolic as narrative. 

  • Beth Clary Schwier

    Beth Clary Schwier (Indianapolis), an oil painter, will tackle an important high school basketball narrative:  the so-called “Milan Miracle” that exemplifies everything about basketball that is uniquely Hoosier. 

  • Chris Silva

    Chris Silva (South Bend) will use his signature bold, graphic style to convey the story of Indianapolis’ past, present, and future. His early work within Chicago’s graffiti and skateboarding scenes influence his use of scale, shape, and color to infuse his compositions with raw power. 

  • Israel Solomon

    Israel Solomon (Avon, Ind.), a figurative painter, will interpret the story of the Indiana Fever’s 2012 championship run. His large-scale, ambitious work uses sharp geometry and brilliant colors to infuse his subjects with energy and power. 

  • Pamela Bliss

    Pamela Bliss (Indianapolis, IN) will create paintings reminding viewers of “iconic moments” in Pacers and Fever history: the familiar plays, shots, and emotional highs that will spark joy. As a twist, she will create the scenes in the styles of well-known painters. Pamela is best known for her realistic figure work in murals, as aptly illustrated by her five-story Reggie Miller mural in downtown Indianapolis. 

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