Call for Walls

The Arts Council of Indianapolis is looking for Indianapolis property owners who are willing to host civic-scale portrait murals of Bicentennial Legends on the exterior walls of their private buildings. There is no required fee or cost to host a mural. 

This is an endorsed Bicentennial project with the City of Indianapolis. Please read the following guidelines before submitting a proposal and a photo of your building’s wall. More details can be found in the Site Partnership FAQ below.

Volunteer Your Building As a Canvas

Criteria for Consideration 

Although we are open to working with any property owner who is enthusiastic about creating new urban amenities, we are particularly looking for:

  • A Downtown Indianapolis location.
  • A mural area is at least 2 stories high and at least 25 feet wide.
  • A wall surface on one plane, without decorative stringers or other architectural elements in the designated mural area.
  • A wall surface that’s structurally intact without gaps, voids, holes, or loose material.
  • No windows or doors in the mural area.
  • Brick wall material (ideally, previously painted), concrete block, poured concrete, or well-maintained stucco
  • Wall is easy to see with no other structures blocking the view.
  • The top of the wall is sufficiently secure that it can host a swing stage. 

The Selection & Notification Process  

Each Legends mural project requires individualized consideration because it’s critical to make a good match between the Legends subject, artist, community partners, and mural site. A team of historians, researchers, community leaders, and members of civic organizations will review all proposals. 

Please be patient if you do not hear back immediately, as this process could take several months or even a couple of years. We will keep you informed as the projects progress. 

Bicentennial Legends Murals Site Partnership FAQ

We hope you find these answers helpful as you consider hosting a mural. If you have additional questions, please contact the Arts Council’s Director of Public Art, Julia Muney Moore, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (317) 631-3301 x240.

What will be the cost to the property owner?

There is no required fee or cost to host a mural; however, property owners and/or their tenants may wish to be part of the partnership for the mural and voluntarily support the mural project in one or more of the following ways:

  • Contribute to the general Legends mural creation and maintenance fund
  • Contribute to the partnership for the mural their building will host
  • Commission a mural (a commission includes supporting its entire cost and maintaining significant influence over the mural design, in partnership with the artists)
  • Prepare their wall to receive the mural (which may include fees to obtain permits for the work to happen, if the building is in a historic district or the Regional Center)
  • Provide resources to the muralist during the mural creation process, such as electricity, running water, restrooms, equipment, parking or lay-down space, storage, meals, lodging, etc.
  • Maintain the mural once it is created.

The best way to guarantee that your wall will host a Legends mural is to commission one yourself. Please indicate on the proposal form if you are interested in discussing this option.

Does the property owner get to approve the mural design?

If the property owner elects to be part of the mural partnership, they can help select the artist and choose from among several design proposals. They can also “flag” any design proposal that may have a negative impact on their property.

The goal of the Legends project is to provide a civic amenity, not to promote the property owner or enhance the business of any of the property’s tenants. Doing so, even tangentially (for example, a portrait of a sports star on the wall of a building that houses a store that sells sports equipment or apparel) is likely to violate the city’s ordinances that require public art to be free of any commercial interests.

How long will the mural be on the wall?

We anticipate that the life of the mural will be about 10-15 years before it will need significant maintenance. Contracts with the artists will guarantee that it will be in place for 15 years, regardless of the change of ownership of the property.

Who maintains the mural?

Each mural partnership will determine who maintains the mural. It could be a community organization, the Arts Council, or the property owner.

What if I want to alter or sell my building while the mural is on it?

Arts Council agreements to host murals allow the current property owner to ask for early removal of the mural under these circumstances:

  • The building is about to be sold and the purchaser has indicated that as a condition of the sale, the mural must be removed; or
  • The property owner wishes to make physical modifications to their building, and the artists’ moral rights to the mural are preventing them from doing so; or
  • The mural has not been properly maintained by the Arts Council and its condition reflects negatively on the property to the point that the value of the property has been severely reduced.
What happens after the 15-year mural hosting period?

The mural's success and popularity will be evaluated. Depending on those findings, the property owner may be able to paint over the mural or may opt to take on the cost of maintaining the mural for as long as they own the property. In that case, the Arts Council will transfer ownership of the mural to the property owner and provide contacts to the artist and other resources.

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