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Crediting the sources of your funding is an important part of fulfilling your grant agreement. Properly crediting both the City of Indianapolis and the Indy Arts Council is an important means of showing how public funding is used to support the arts community in Indianapolis. The City Council expects that proper credit will be given at every available opportunity. Failure to comply with this requirement, as outlined in the signed grant agreement, could jeopardize the remaining portion of your grant and future funding from the Arts Council.

The Arts Council, members of the Parks and Recreation Department, and members of the City County Council monitor your publications and communications throughout the year to ensure compliance.

The Arts Council logo is made up of two parts: the graphic element (pinwheel) and the text “With support from Indy Arts Council and the City of Indianapolis.” ALL elements must be used every time our logo is used. If you cannot use the logo graphic, such as in donor listings, then you MUST credit both the Indy Arts Council AND the City of Indianapolis.

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