Art at Indianapolis International Airport

January 2019

In partnership with the Indianapolis Airport Authority, the Arts Council of Indianapolis manages the award-winning temporary exhibition program at Indianapolis International Airport. The Arts Council curates rotating installations in closed cases in the main terminal, commissions new work for the video screens above the main escalator/staircase, and operates a long-term loan program for large sculpture outdoors in the North Terminal Garden.

The current exhibitions are on display until July 14, 2019:



The ticketing hall cases currently house A Signature Collection: Bloomington Watercolor Society's Signature Members Show

VT General Store

The artworks in this exhibition were completed by accomplished artists recognized as Signature Members by the Bloomington Watercolor Society.  As a collection, these works demonstrate the beauty of the medium as well as how artists continue to push the boundaries of what watercolor can do. Watercolor is typically an unforgiving media. However, in the hands of a master, a confident brush stroke mixed with just the right pigment produces a transparency that captures both the subject as well as the artist’s emotional response, giving the painting an immediacy, energy, and boldness not possible with other media.    


Screen Shot 2019 03 20 at 7.16.16 PMPhotographer and digital artist Bill Rasdell places his emphasis on producing fine art and documentary images influenced by issues related to migration and the many ways in which the convergence of cultures can enrich food, religion, language, and the arts. At the core of his airport exhibition is a study of the migration of the Israelites to the continent of Africa over 2,500 years ago and how it affects these contemporary African Jewish societies. The exhibition features images from his travels to visit and document four main groups: Ethopian Jews, the Abayudaya of Uganda, the House of Israel of Sefwi Wiawso in Ghana, and the Lemba of Zimbabwe. This exhibition is located in the Concourse B exhibition case behind security.

VIDEO PROJECT: Charles Borowicz: Road Portraits
January 2 - June 30, 2019

Road Portrait 002

Road Portraits
 muses on the nature of travel as simultaneously public and private.  Borowicz is enamored with the way cars enclose their passengers in a private bubble, yet as we pass them on the road we get momentary glimpses into that private space which is in reality very public. According to the artist, It’s a very real moment when we get to see unguarded individuals performing as nobody except themselves.  He says, “It’s a moment I only get to capture because of the bubble of privacy we all feel in our cars.” 

“I enjoy seeing people being as active in the car as that space allows,” says Borowicz.  “They are enacting small dramas very earnestly and honestly. It can be sublime.” The artist has stretched time through slow motion, letting what is a short fleeting moment evolve so that the smallest of movements are enshrined in a way that is, to him, almost sacred.  “I enjoy the magic of the normal,” the artist says.

The one-minute video plays several times each hour on the large screen above the main escalator/stair down to Baggage Claim.



Charlie 20180708 N3A0555Charles Borowicz co-founded AnC Movies in 2002 to write and produce short narrative and documentary films, and in this work he has specialized in creatively exploring dance on film.  Simultaneously, he has evolved his personal film experiments around his fascination with everyday reality and the monumental moments within.  Borowicz’s work has been screened at festivals nationwide including at the Black Point Film Festival, the Frederick (Maryland) Film Festival, the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, and at Gateway Film Center’s Documentary Week.  Locally, his work has been seen at Ruckus Makerspace, iMOCA, Indy Pride, and with NoExitPerformance as well as online ( and YouTube).  He lives and works in Indianapolis.




Tussle, by Chicago artist Ted Sitting Crow Garner, is on view in the North Terminal Garden.


 Proposals are currently being sought for indoor installations at Indianapolis International Airport: visit our Artist Opportunities website for more information. 




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