Marco Querin: Observing Multiculturalism

Querin April 2019 Small

Collectors' Night: Thursday, April 4, 5 - 8 pm

First Friday: Friday, April 5, 6 - 9 pm

Conceptual fiber artist Marco Querin’s current artistic research and work is dominated by multiculturalism, or, the coexistence of distinct cultures within the same society. In recent years, the world’s populations have uprooted their lives and resettled in new countries in order to leave instability behind and break the cycle of a persecuted existence. Querin creates works that attempt to evaluate where the migration journey ceases: the place where an existing culture and the cultures of those seeking refuge could mix, but more often than not, do not. Querin’s visual analysis is done through the use of a variety of colorful fiber materials stretched and threaded over canvas in ways that demonstrate fragility, resistance, elasticity, and tension.

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